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One at a Time

Issue 3

Stories of Impact from Our Community

The best way to change the world is to live like Jesus did—loving people one at a time. We recently launched the 1X App to guide us in loving people as Jesus did in our personal relationships, communities, and workplaces.

Since releasing the app, we’ve been inspired by stories from people who, whether completing weekly challenges or utilizing money Southeast entrusted to each family at a special service in February, are doing just that. 

Helping Hands

By Angela Wacker

I have only been to Southeast a handful of times. After yesterday’s service, I reached out to my aunt and uncle. He has been crippled for years due to a spinal injury, and she was his caregiver. She recently broke her foot.

I texted him and offered to drive to Elizabethtown, where my daughters and I walked their dog, cleaned their house, picked up items from the grocery, and anything else they needed help with that they were currently unable to do. I felt good about the experience of showing my children what it means to serve.


Being a Teacher

By Kori Rogalinski

As a middle school teacher in JCPS, the last couple of years have been truly difficult for my “kids.” I try to have one-on-one conversations with them when I see them struggling.

After accepting this challenge, I had one of these conversations with one particular student who before Christmas break was an amazing student and after break has really been struggling. In talking with her, she informed me that she lost her mother right after Christmas. I told her about losing my dad a few years ago, and we shared good memories for a few minutes.

These one-on-ones are my way to show the compassion I have learned from Christ with my students. This is the best of me!


Book Donation

By Laura Y.

My 7-year-old daughter loves to read books. We used the $20 from our envelope to buy 11 new or like-new books from Half Price Books and an online mom-swap site to donate to a 2nd grade teacher’s classroom at an inner-city school. Some of her students don’t have books at home, so now they can borrow or keep these. We prayed over these books before delivering them to the teacher who was so appreciative.

The Necessities

By Kara Mudd

My family decided to use our $20 toward a pair of new shoes for two boys at the elementary school where my sister is a counselor. This school has many kids/families in need of basic supplies, such as proper fitting clothes and shoes (things we take for granted).

My 5th grade son really enjoyed picking out the new shoes for these boys, and we can’t wait to see their reaction! We included a note of encouragement with each pair and have committed to praying for them daily.

The Extra Mile

By Tootie Paulsen

My husband and I have a young couple as next-door neighbors. They have three young daughters. After prayerful consideration, we decided to double the money we received at church and give it to the couple for a quiet dinner out. We went the extra mile to say we would love to keep the girls while they go out.

They were so appreciative and shared with us how they were “broke” and had bought something for the girls for Valentine’s Day but not for each other. They said this was truly a gift from God. I believe we were blessed more.

Click here to download the 1X App for more stories, along with weekly content and challenges to inspire you to love people like Jesus did.

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