Christians Under Siege See Miracle Answers to Prayers

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Christians Under Siege See Miracle Answers to Prayers

By Ruth Schenk

In 2019, militia in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) torched 400 Banyamulenge villages, slaughtered and stole 500,000 cattle, and killed thousands.

Thousands fled to a plateau where militia surrounded them. Their mission? Annihilate the Banyamulenge people along with any from the Tutsi tribe.

There was no shelter or food.

“Until then, we always had milk and other food for our children,” said Pastor Victor Mikebanyi, who works in the Missions Ministry at Southeast Christian Church. “Children and our elderly began to die from malnutrition.”

Southeast sent funds to provide powdered milk, flour, sugar, and more.

 Victor said those gifts helped people survive.

“These people are thankful God is protecting and caring for them,” he said.

Banyamulenge youth formed a resistance to defend their people.

That’s when miracles began.

One time, thousands of militia surrounded the village from nine different directions. They were defeated by 27 boys carrying sticks, machetes, spears, and a few firearms. The Banyamulenge community prayed all night when they ran out of ammunition. By morning, a cold fog covered the land so militia could not attack.

Now, some Banyamulenge are beginning to return to their villages, though it’s still dangerous.

“God protected and cared for us,” said Victor. “We trust Him for the future.”

Banyamulenge do not know that a team of translators at Southeast is working on a translation of the Bible in their language.

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