Teen Support


Life is hard, especially in our teen years. This group is specifically for those ages 13 to 17 who are dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, and relational struggles. Students who would like a place for safe sharing of difficult topics are invited as we learn from and find support in one another. The group is facilitated by a number of competent young adults who have a heart for this generation. Requirements for Attendance: ● Teen and parent/guardian must review and fill out this registration form. This must be complete PRIOR to attending the first group session. Requirements for Group Participation: ● You MUST be AT LEAST 13 years old and AT MOST 17 years old to be in the group. ● All group sessions are held on Thursday evenings at the Blankenbaker site. Group starts between 7:30-7:45 pm to allow worship service attendees to arrive. As a courtesy to facilitators and other group members, please arrive no later than 7:45 pm, as you may not be allowed to enter after 8:00 pm. The group ends at 8:45 pm. ● Group facilitators are NOT responsible for your teen before the group’s start time or after the group session has begun. Teens are not allowed to wander around the church building and should remain in the Atrium outside of the group time. Building security staff may address these situations if they arise, but please assist us in keeping your teenagers safe and pick up / drop off at designated times. We appreciate your help on this matter. ● Confidentiality is important in keeping this group a safe resource for all teens. We ask that all topics discussed be kept amongst group members. Exceptions to this request are: plans to harm oneself or others, possible ongoing abuse of minors or elders. In these cases, we reserve the right to break confidentiality and report to the proper authorities. These situations will be addressed individually and away from the group to maintain privacy. Our goal is to support you in the best way we can with safety for everyone in mind. Parents will be notified in appropriate situations. ● By attending this group, teens are committing to participate when appropriate and to unpack the emotional burden of life stressors with each other. This is not a place to “hang out.” ● This is NOT a professional therapy group. If your teen needs professional support, members of our Care Team can provide resources. ● Each group session begins with a quick review of group rules/guidelines for any new members. These rules/guidelines serve to provide an effective and therapeutic environment. Disruptive behavior will first be addressed with individual teens then with the parent/guardian. If disruptive behavior continues to affect group expectations, your teen may not be allowed to return. ● Parents are not permitted to attend the group session. TO REGISTER, please email Chris at lifewellky@gmail.com.

Registration is required.